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Think about all the people you know - on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Everybody asks their friends to recommend a hotel or resort when they're going on vacation, right? How much are you earning for the recommendations YOU give? Well, all that’s about to change!


Welcome to the GIG economy!
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When you recommend a hotel or resort, and your friend books it on TravNow’s proprietary booking engine, THEY are guaranteed to save money vs. any public website, and YOU earn revenue! What? That’s right - Welcome to the GIG economy… TravAgent style!


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TravNow plans to use a unique, patent-pending process, leveraging cryptocurrency, blockchain, and closed user group pricing to disrupt how Hotels & Resorts are booked online. If you love the idea of disrupting the multi-billion travel industry as much as we do… but in a good way, then we’d LOVE to offer you an opportunity to become an investor in TravNow. Click the LEARN MORE button below to stay in the loop with us and we’ll e-mail you updates on our progress… how cool is that?


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TravNow - Mission Statement

TravNow, the Blockchain Travel Leader - Taking Online Travel Into The Future. 

TravNow.com, whose principals combine for more than 130 years experience in the travel industry, plans to disrupt the way the public books hotels and resorts.  By allowing the use of cryptocurrency and utilizing blockchain technology to share the available profit margin on each hotel booking with the consumer, TravNow will lower online hotel prices below what is paid on sites like Expedia or Priceline, through private invitations guaranteeing its hotel pricing will be lower including a 110% price match guarantee. TravNow's unique business model calls for splitting its profit margin with whoever referred the consumer. 


SEC-Qualified Security Token Offering

To fund ongoing operations and the development of the TravNow blockchain ecosystem, TravNow will hold a security token offering with plans to sell up to $50 million of equity-based security tokens under Regulation A. We plan for these tokens to be immediately liquid after the close of the Regulation A offering and tradable on an SEC-registered ATS, at some point in the future.


Travel Decisions

According to TripAdvisor who gets 456 million unique visitors a month, 62% of their audience cited they use recommendations from their friends and family to help them make travel decisions. That is a lot of people asking their friends to recommend a hotel or resort before going on vacation without anybody making any money for their efforts.

Well, that’s all about to change!


Welcome to the GIG Economy…
TravAgent style!

TravNow is working to create a blockchain-based dApp booking portal that will allow customers to scan a TravAgent code to become a TravNow member, and book over 1 million hotels and resorts in real-time, and paying for bookings in any number of cryptocurrency, credit card or fiat. So in the future when you share your personal photos, videos, and recommend a hotel or resort that you have stayed at on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, chat rooms, travel blogs comments, or anywhere online where millions of people engage in conversations about their travel experiences, your friends, and followers will be able to click on your TravAgent code embedded in your social post and book your recommended hotel or resort on TravNow’s proprietary booking engine.

And when they do... THEY will be guaranteed to save money vs. any public website, and YOU, the TravAgent will earn revenue each time they use your code. They will also save time trying to find the best place to book their travel, since they will be going directly from the social post to TravNow.com and be able to book quickly, in real time.


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