Leveraging Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies to Disrupt the Way Hotel and Resorts are Booked Online


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TravNow's Mission is to disrupt the way Hotels & Resorts are booked and paid for online by leveraging an intuitive mobile-first approach to booking Hotels & Resorts, acceptance of cryptocurrencies for payment, the integration of blockchain technology, and a proprietary method of leveraging "Closed User Group" pricing. The company plans to distribute its memberships through both a B2B and B2C strategy.


Disrupting the Way Hotels & Resorts are Booked Online on the Blockchain. 

With 150 collective years of building successful travel, sales, marketing, call center and collection organizations, the founders plan to do the following: 


What is the Blockchain?

Its a digital ledger in which transactions made on a platform are recorded chronologically and publicly. The Blockchain keeps a record of all data exchanges — this record is referred to as a decentralized public “ledger” and each data exchange is a “transaction“ that cannot be reversed and is therefore immutable. Each node has its own copy of the transactions that occur on the blockchain, which are agreed upon by a majority consensus, and once agreed upon, become a permanent block in a chain of blocks, none of which can ever be reversed. This creates a permanent record of every transaction that occurs on the blockchain.

With blockchain, once a transaction has reached a consensus and becomes a permanent record on the blockchain, the transaction cannot be reversed or hacked.


TravNow is excited to build its new d'App (blockchain-based, decentralized APP) and online portal on the blockchain in order to verify inventory availability and pricing integrity, validate transactions and payments, and secure customer data. TravNow will be able to integrate its blockchain-based platforms with any supplier, whether they are using a different blockchain, or if they aren't using blockchain at all.


What is TravNow?

TravNow is a wholesale travel company that secures Hotel & Resort inventory at cost. Traditional retail Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) like Expedia and Priceline also secure inventory at cost, but they spend billions of dollars each year on expensive marketing strategies like TV, Radio, Google Ad Words, Facebook and more, to drive traffic to the multitudes of travel websites they own, charging the customer retail when they book a Hotel or Resort. Through a scalable B2B distribution strategy, TravNow is disrupting the way Hotels & Resorts are booked online by sharing the available margin with its members to lower the price below retail sites like Expedia and Priceline.

Score... the member wins! TravNow then shares the additional margin with any company, association or organization that refers the program to someone who becomes a TravNow member, and books a Hotel or Resort.

Score... the company, association or organization wins!


TravNow has already begun successfully test marketing its B2B distribution strategy, securing distribution agreements with large and prominent organizations in the US. TravNow will build out its technology, including its travel portal, in a much larger more scalable way, that will allow the company to scale worldwide. TravNow's travel platform will accept payment for travel in a multitude of the most stable cryptocurrencies as well as traditional credit cards and fiat.


TravNow also has another offering for its members called Brio Resorts - TravNow's Elite, Proprietary Travel Membership program.


What is Brio Resorts?

TravNow has secured an agreement with Resort Condominiums International (RCI) the world's largest vacation exchange company, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Wyndham Worldwide. The agreement allowed for the creation of a one-of-a-kind, elite travel membership product, called Brio Resorts.

For the first time in history, members of Brio Resorts will be able to have a premier, Gold Crown affiliation with RCI, without having to purchase any real estate.

Brio Resorts has secured desirable resort condominium inventory through long-term leaseholds which are deposited directly into RCI's space bank for points which are then used to secure vacation weeks for Brio Resorts members, who can then select from over 2 million available weeks.


Brio Resorts members can travel within the exclusive Gold Crown inventory only available to select members of RCI. This is a great benefit to members because typically one must purchase a Vacation Ownership week for an average of between $20,000 and $30,000 to have access to Gold Crown inventory within RCI. Along with the high purchase price, comes mandatory annual maintenance fees that range from $1,250 to $1,500, and special assessments to help maintain the resorts where the inventory is owned.

The Brio Resorts subscription plans to be an upgraded subscription that adds a wide range of member-only travel and lifestyle savings and services, in popular categories like luxury villas, cruises, packaged vacations, tours, a full travel concierge service, as well as exclusive access to Gold Crown resort condominium inventory from RCI, the world’s largest vacation ownership exchange company. Currently, to gain access to RCI Gold Crown inventory, people have to purchase real estate (a timeshare week), pay mandatory annual maintenance fees, and be subject to potential special assessments. This new subscription eliminates those expenses in favor of a low cost, affordable monthly payment.


Brio Test Marketing Started

Test marketing of the Brio Resorts product commenced in March of 2018. The test has been very successful and is ongoing. TravNow plans to scale the sales and marketing operations to include as many as 13 of its own sales centers across the US. Sales of the elite Brio Resorts membership will be made to existing TravNow members that were on boarded through its unique B2B distribution strategy, as an upgrade, as well as through direct sales to the general public. Brio Resorts is changing everything!


Some of our Travel Platform Affiliates


Regulation A Offering

To fund ongoing operations and development of the TravNow ecosystem, TravNow will hold a securities offering with plans to sell up to $50 million of stock that is convertible into security tokens under Regulation A. 


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TravNow plans to use a unique, patent-pending process, leveraging cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and our membership programs, along with Closed User Group pricing, to disrupt how travel is booked online.  If you love the idea of disrupting the multi-billion travel industry as much as we do… but in a good way, then we’d LOVE to offer you an opportunity to become an investor in TravNow.

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