6 Reasons Why You Should Consider the TravNow Loyalty Program


As a business leader, you face rigorous challenges and new competitors every day.  Finding the right way to attract and retain both customers and employees is crucial to your survival as a company – but how can you stand out against the crowd?

Captivate your prospects, customers, team members and future talent by offering the ability to travel and drive savings through a unique TravNow™ membership opportunity.


1) Attract, Retain, Engage & Thank Your Customers

Set your organization apart from others within the industry by offering unique sign-up bonuses, referral programs and milestone gifts. TravNow™offers an exclusive value proposition that can help you customize programs, such as travel opportunities when someone signs up or hits a yearly anniversary that will help you draw in prospects and promote engagement.


2) Fund Your Corporate Giving

Partner with your customers and team members to make a difference: use the revenue that is generated from each time your TravNow™ code and donate to a charity of your organization’s choosing. Take the corporate initiative to match a percentage of the donation or challenge your employees to match their cashback donations.

3) Reward Employees

Show your appreciation for employees through company-sponsored trips focused around continuous education. Your team members will feel valued and appreciate the investment of teaching them additional skills, therefore resulting in greater employee productivity. The savings generated through your TravNow™ partnership for hotels and travel will allow you to provide this opportunity for team members more often.

4) Reward Loyalty

Award your team members by giving them an experience to look forward to, such as milestone or anniversary gifts, discounted vacations and or cost-savings applicable to their next trip. TravNow™ unlocks thousands of opportunities to save on the restaurants, hotels and online shopping that your employees and customers may frequent on a daily basis.

5) Drive Contributions & Donations

Offer the opportunity to have cashback generated from TravNow™ donated to a charity chosen by your employees or customers in their name. Your customers and employees will experience dual benefits of having the ability to giving back to those in need, all while saving money on their next tropical excursion, shopping trip or night out.


6) Do it All Cost Effectively

The actions of attracting, converting and retaining customers or employees all include significant costs for businesses, some of which don’t produce revenue in the end.  Access a unique opportunity for company growth by giving team members and customers the ability to travel and save, all while generating revenue through your TravNow™ partnership.


Attract Top Talent

Providing opportunities for customers and team members to save on travel, restaurants, shopping trips and more will show your appreciation for their business and attract engagement. The exclusive TravNow™ loyalty program will allow you to attract top talent and offer the prime customer service experience that your dedicated customers deserve.