7 Free Mobile Apps You Can't Travel Without

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Summer is finally here, which means vacation season is in full effect! Whether you are looking for ways to streamline planning your family excursion or traveling through TravNow’s Loyalty Program, these 7 free apps will help you make the most of your time abroad.


Trip Advisor

Discover your next vacation and access over 700 million review for hotels, restaurants and attractions through Trip Advisor's handy mobile app. Find hidden lunch spots in Spain or book a cultural tour with a private guide in Italy through just a few clicks!


App in the Air

App in the Air allows travelers to keep track of their itineraries and travel documents all in one place. By connecting the app to your email, it extracts all reservations and travel confirmations to create your travel schedule. The app produces customized notifications on any upcoming flights, the current wait for check in, weather at your travel destination and more!


Google Translate

Traveling to another country and interacting with natives has never been easier with Google Translate’s mobile app. Access translations on both the mobile or desktop version of the software and goditi le vacanze! The app operates offline as well, so you’ll never be without your personal translator.


Culture Trip

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the culture of your travel destination, Culture Trip is the app to help you do it. Find details on your next tropical vacation by searching on Culture Trip and get the scoop from locals on the best activities, food and more.


Whats App

“Simple. Secure. Reliable.” WhatsApp’s tag line accurately describes the benefits users receive when using the mobile app abroad. Users can securely send text messages, make phone calls and participate in video calls for free. The signal is so reliable, that this is the app of choice for travelers going to any destination!



Traveling with a large group of friends can be great - until you start trying to remember who owes you what. Forget about hanging on to receipts and trading who picks up the tab. The Splitwise mobile app allows you to plug in expenses and track who is part of it, and the app takes care of the rest. It even connects to Venmo and
Quickpay to simplify payments!


Elk Currency Converter

Calculate the value of a foreign currency into your native tender with just a few swipes on Elk’s Currency Converter. Select the foreign currency and swipe left to increase the amount or swipe right to decrease. Elk even comes with two different optimized displays for cell phones and apple watches!


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