8 Reasons to Love the TravNow Loyalty Program


The TravNow™ Loyalty Program is an indispensable tool that can help you grow your business in more ways than one, from keeping your employees happy to attracting and retaining a larger customer base.

With this in mind, we have put together a comprehensive list of 8 reasons why both your organization and your members will love the TravNow™ Loyalty Program.


1) Retain Valuable Staff

When it comes to running the operations of any kind of company, the staff and employees are one of the most integral components of a successful business. Keeping your staff engaged and happy with their jobs will only propel your business forward.

The TravNow™ Loyalty Program checks all of the above boxes. By offering the amazing discounts that come with being enrolled in the program, both you and your staff will benefit equally. Double win!


2) Increase Customer Retention

Another one of the most important components of running a business is retaining your customers. While it is true that attracting new eyes to your product or service is important, it is crucial to retain your long-term customers.

This is something that TravNow™ keeps in mind, and runs with the motto that keeping an old customer is always better than getting a new one. Show your appreciation for long-term customers by giving them the gift of travel and celebrating milestone anniversaries!


3) High Conversion Rates

When you use the TravNow™ Loyalty Program, you will be offering the best possible travel discounts to your customers. These discounts can be used in any way that you please, and can really be used to your advantage if you are strategic.

Both new and old customers love feeling like they are getting a deal on the product or service that they are purchasing. If you use the TravNow™ discounts in unison with your own sale, potential customers will be more incentivized to give your business a chance.


4) Engage Your Customer Base

Along with converting leads into customers, you will need to make sure that you are engaging your customer base very frequently. After all of the work that you have put in to gain and keep the customers that you have, you want to make sure that they are excited to contribute to the revenue of your business.

The TravNow™ Loyalty Program offers the opportunity for your company to do all of the above. Using the valuable discounted packages that are offered, there is no doubt that your customers will be pleased!


5) Build Brand Loyalty

While you are building a business, you must also build your brand. This gives you individuality as a company, and will help set you apart from your competitors.

In addition to building your brand and a positive reputation, you will also need to grow customer loyalty. More specifically, your customers should only go to your company for the product or service that you offer. By using the benefits that come with the TravNow Loyalty Program, your customers will be happy to shop with you exclusively.


6) Extend Real Savings

Almost every business claims to offer savings to their customers in some way, but how many of them really are? Extend real savings to your employees and customers and grow their confidence in your product.

With the TravNow™ Loyalty Program, you can be assured that you offer significant savings to your customers.


 7)  Make Money With Discount Codes

The best feature that is included in the TravNow™ Loyalty Program is the discount codes. These codes are distributed to members indefinitely, and they can be used anywhere and any way that you would like.

Not only will your customers save money on their purchases, you will also make money every time one of your codes are used.


8) Marketing Campaign Success

Finally, the discounts that are offered with the TravNow™ Loyalty Program are the keys to a successful marketing campaign. These special offers will not only help you to engage and retain your existing loyal customers, but they will also help you reach wider audiences and make your company known in the industry!


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