This diagram illustrates the TravNow Roadmap of Development from 2016 through 2018, and planned development in 2019.

2016 Q1
  • TravNow founders developed concept for TravNow. Concept born out of founding partners 130+ years of combined membership travel experience.
  • When customers book hotels and resorts on the TravNow website, and save money, the transaction creates an additional revenue stream that can be directed anywhere, and to anyone.
  • Wide ranging and scalable applications include - B2B, B2C, B2B2C, Industry, Charities, Employee Groups, Associations, Individuals - more.
2016 Q2
  • TravNow founders developed Statement of Work for unique booking platform for booking hotels and resorts that allows customer to visually see their savings.
  • TravNow founders developed Statement of Work for unique tracking/back office platform to track bookings and transactions.
  • TravNow founders developed Statement of Work for tracking/commissioning platform that allows transactions/bookings/code numbers/activations et. al. to be tracked and properly attributed throughout the chain, and commission payments to be made.
  • TravNow founders sent out RFP’s to companies to build the platforms for testing concept, and selected providers.
2016 Q3 & Q4
  • TravNow founders worked with outside company to develop booking platform/portal to be integrated into TravNow website.
  • Integrated suppliers, pricing schemas and unique customizations to allow flexibility for testing.
  • TravNow founders worked with outside company to develop TravNow public facing and member facing websites, allowing both members and non-members to book hotels & resorts. The public books at retail rates, and members receive special member-only savings.
2017 Q1
  • QA testing of all platforms
  • TravNow founders developed and applied for US Utility/Method Patent for the unique use of margin to create income. Filed in March, 2017, patent still pending - working with USPTO.
  • Added hotel, resort, leisure and dining benefits (57,000 restaurants) to TravNow member-facing websites .
2017 Q2
  • TravNow founders made additional enhancements and cured break/fixes on both booking and tracking platforms.
  • TravNow founders created 5,000 pages of original content on cities across the world to better index Google and help people find TravNow without spending money for traditional ppc advertising.
  • TravNow founders created and printed 20,000 unique TravNow cards, each with its own unique code, to be distributed through organizations and individuals for limited test market viability.
  • TravNow founders traveled to the Philippines to explore the opportunities for TravNow in the Far East.
2017 Q3
  • Began limited release of TravNow cards into key accounts in order to begin testing market demand for the TravNow concept.
  • Integrated digital code number distribution into TravNow platforms.
  • TravNow founders worked with a few key strategic accounts to QA test the TravNow concept.
2017 Q4
  • Having returned from a successful trip to the Philippines, and exploring cryptocurrencies there for the first time, TravNow founders began brainstorming and development of how to turn TravNow into a blockchain project that could change people's lives by leveraging the GIG economy.
  • TravNow founders began researching with experts on creating a blockchain-based travel platform that allowed payments for travel in multiple cryptocurrencies as well as fiat.
  • TravNow founders began researching dApp development for mobile platforms for both booking and tracking travel, commissions et. al.
  • TravNow founders began researching best blockchains to potentially build the travel platform upon.
  • Began researching all blockchain ecosystems.
2018 Q1
  • TravNow founders began investigating methods to raise capital.
  • TravNow founders noted that SEC appeared to take the position that every token offering was a sale of securities.
  • TravNow founders began researching legal professionals versed in the crowdfunding space who also had expertise in working with the SEC.
  • TravNow founders engaged one of the top well-known crowdfunding attornies with Regulation A experience.
2018 Q2
  • TravNow founders met with 2 Broker Dealers on Wall Street to pitch TravNow’s business model to determine interest level of selling the offering.
  • TravNow founders met with the partners of $100 million crypto hedge fund to determine interest level and viability of investment into TravNow.
  • Determined that based on these meetings, TravNow was viable and investible.
  • Began drafting memorandum, proforma and all other necessary items for offering.
  • TravNow founders engaged crowdfunding expert to guide TravNow’s development, social media, website et. al.
2018 Q3
  • TravNow Team Members started Telegram channel which now has 1,200 members bringing together over 300 investment entities to source funding.
  • TravNow Team grows LinkedIn connections to over 15,000.
  • Company meeting with SEC registered Exchanges (ATS’).
2018 Q4
  • TravNow partnering with key organizations for TravNow’s charitable contribution plan. TravNow plans to donate a portion of its profits to support worthwhile organizations that make the world a better place for all humans, with a special slant towards kids charities/organizations. This will be an important ongoing effort for the company.
  • TravNow is building its social media presence in preparation for a potential Reg. A crowdfunding.
  • TravNow is sourcing talent in blockchain, travel portal development, dApp development, marketing, business development, sales, travel, suppliers, technology development, market development, social media, digital marketing, blogging, community development, executive management.
  • TravNow is building its offering website, marketing messaging and strategies.
  • TravNow is meeting with potential investors for possible Regulation D offering and developing its crowd for a potential Regulation A offering.
2019 Q1
  • Plans to start capital raise in an SEC compliant manner. If Reg. D., close and determine if additional funds are needed from Reg. A offering.
  • Begin blockchain operations per proforma business plan.
  • 2019 Pre-Revenue - building out all infrastructure per business plan and offering documents.